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Magic Shiai Token Items!

Hello, and welcome again to a new Shiai Token items release!

A long way full of magical creatures and powerful enemies had to be overpassed by the Event Squad: they sorted succesfully all their difficulties into bring you the most valuable items from the most powerful sorcerers!

The Wand- 3 Shiai Tokens
You might not be able to abracadabra your opponent away, but it looks magical!

Manamaster Cauldron - 4 Shiai Tokens
An immense strength is seeping out of this cauldron, but it may just be the garlic.

Magician's Essentials - 5 Shiai Tokens
What's a magician without his knowledge?

Apprentice wizard hat - 6 Shiai Tokens
"They only get taller from here, rookie!"

The Staff - 6 Shiai Tokens
Imbued with ancient magic!

Full Magic items box - 18 Shiai Tokens (25% off!)
Includes all the magic 3D items.

We are also releasing a brand new limited edition color!
Welcome, Mana

Mana will only be available this September either in exchange for Shiai Tokens or in Torishop for $20.

Mana doesn't require Qi, and you will be able to trade the items after purchase no matter if you bought from Torishop or got them for your ST. It recquires Toribash 5.33 to be seen.

Items and Mana color previews!

So now it's time to spend your hard earned Shiai Tokens into these wonderful items!
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I think that's on purpose

looks horrible

im the big guy 2012
Mana color screenshots that Tinerr didn't include for some reason:


Color has a gradient-y look similar to Sakura.

Some item screenshots are also not in their original size for some reason but whatever.