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why do people post in replays thread multiplayer replays
ive seen a lot of people post replays which are multiplayer in sp threads
is that a new feature im missing or smth ?
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1. Please post multiplayer replays in the Multiplayer section. Spars should be posted in the main section of the replay board, however.

There was an announcement up for a month about this too iirc.
oh yeah
It's due to the way clan activity checks currently work.
Files uploaded in the main section of the replays board will count towards activity checks in order to help give a more accurate representation of activity for single player/replay orientated clans.
We didn't want this to extend to multiplayer replays as that match will have already counted towards a clans activity when it was actually played, so the options were to get people to post spars in the main board or create a spar dedicated board.
We determined that there just wasn't enough activity to warrant an entirely new board, so went with the first option.

If you wanted the full explanation.
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my question was :
why do people post multiplayer replays in the singleplayer thread 420rektm8
i know its a replay but there is specific threads for them to be posted
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