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Selling an account
Why is it illegal to sell a TB Account? As far as I know it was banned in order to prevent that people get ripped off since moderators can't control real money cash flow. However, it is still allowed to sell TC for USD. There moderators are limited in their help as well. And if the concern was that people get ripped off, why is it not allowed to sell an account for other TC? There the mod's have everything under control.
Here is a link in the FAQ
Doesn't answer your question, but I figured I'd give it to you anyways.

It boils all down to that we don't want to deal with it. It's a hassle, people get scammed and they are not smart about it. To help us out and inadvertently help users out, we just don't allow it. It's been this way for quite some time. Perhaps there is something said in the Terms of Service that regards account sharing/selling explicitly, but on the forum it is clearly said too. What you said about real world currency is true in essence, but it's not the actual case. You're right, we can't control user-to-user real world currency exchanges when it comes to account selling; so we do the next best thing, disallow them.

As for the accounts for TC bit. It's an interesting point, but nevertheless it's just a workaround that will not make a solution out of it. It's just the same hassle, with the same issues. The only thing different is that we could support it, but we don't want to.

A person that officially represents Nabi can correct me here on any points, but I feel these points are in correspondence with what they think as well.


Terms of Service

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Thanks so much for your answer. Of course I will accept the ban of acc selling here. But it seems there is no real reason to it. All the points you mentioned above would apply in the same way to TC vs currency deals.

Do you know wether it will be made legal again in the (near) feature, or, if not, who to talk to about this?

It seems to me that Nabi just wants to prevent people getting High-Qi accounts quickly.
Nothing to do with TC, or cock-blocking QI; it's because when it inevitably goes south (which it always does - I speak from far too much experience in the matter) we have to deal with it & it really isn't worth the hassle.

Thus account sales got banned ~9 year ago, not long after QI transfers were stopped.

Simply put - if we can't strictly police it, it's a nope.

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