anyone have a clan that I can join? soloing shit sucks bc shaman sucks and i dont want to level an alt
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mains 120 shaman, I have a 110 rogue alt and a 90 dk alt
E: forgot to mention I'm on bladefist on horde, might be willing to change realms tho ill see.
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Ah poor guy, your class is very weak in this xpac dude (try healing though). I'm waiting till 8.1 to start leveling my 110s to 120.

I'm a 374 Void elf Monk on Ravenscrest alliance.
yeah we keep getting worse. like why does flame shock need a cooldown. the only thing ele is OK for is aoe / cleave. its cool tho i deal
big head on the beat
did anyone end up playing classic? didn't see a thread for it and retail has been in the dumpster for ages now. i don't think classic ended up being much better but i got pretty addicted to it for a while and joined the guild ONSLAUGHT which was one of the sweatier guilds up until it died a few months after naxxramas released.

we did some cool things like world 3rd/NA 1st/horde 1st naxxramas, world 5th/NA 1st/horde 1st naxxramas speed clear (the last speedrun we did before the guild died).

had a bunch of pretty sick gear and a good amount of gold on my mage and warrior before i quit after the guild died. considering playing casually when tbc comes out but i don't know if i can be fucked paying for the subscription. don't think i'll ever commit that amount of time or sweat to wow again though, sadly what skill and mechanics you build up don't really translate to anything else.

also if anyone is reading this and cares here were my logs from before i quit. i had a couple of rank 1 mage logs right when naxx released and i held the overall rank 1 for dps on gothik for like 2 months straight lmao
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