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Challenge Uke Dialogue is Blocking the Access
Hi Toribash users and players.

I am a player experiencing the new GUI of Toribash.
I used to play Uke Challenge to practice moves and see the slowdown replay and then save it if it is good.

In the new GUI of Uke Challenge at the moment, there is always a dialogue appears when I enter Uke Challenge and finish sparring with Uke, both from sensei and uke. The dialogue seems to block the function of 'space', 'press f to save replay', 'keys to slow the replay down or speed it up (<) and (>)'. So, I ended up clicking the dialogue button and I can't slow down the replay nor save it.

If anyone has any idea how to turn off the dialogue or how to slow down and save the replay on Uke Challenge, I need your insight and suggestion.

Thank you, happy playing!
Your replays from Challenge Uke tutorial are automatically saved in replay/autosave folder. You can move them to "my replays" or any other folder after completing tutorials using replays menu (or simply by moving files using file manager software).