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Weird Screen bug + Frame Issues
For some reason I cant click on certain parts of the screen without my computer registering it as me clicking the background. Also suddenly the game is running EXTREMELY slow for no reason( I typically get like 59 frames at the least)

I've tried running the game without any shaders but the only thing that fixes the frame problem is running the game on minimum.
The background clicking sounds like the game is running in windowed and something went wrong there. Try running it in fullscreen, and then reverting it to how you had it before
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This will stop you from being able to see anything anyone is wearing but may improve speed,
Go in game and type /opt autoupdate 0 which will stop you from automatically downloading items players are wearing,
And then delete the "custom" folder in the toribash folder.
If you'd like to start seeing items again just type /opt autoupdate 1
I tried Kore's solution and also switched my resolution to something else and back to the original. Everything works like a charm again thanks