Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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Name : Daniel.
Discord : DjDanCat 4661(hashtag).
Age : 14.
Activity : Im mostly active at 4-8pm because of school, I'm active in-game and in forums.
Date: 2/09/2019

Hi, My name is Daniel,
I've been playing since 2013 August 15th but constantly had to change my accounts.
I'm 14 years old, I took a break from this game for a year so I didn't play in 2016.
My hobbies are running(if it is) , gaming, building and dancing, and many more.

You could say that I'm a talkative guy, I recommend this game to multiple people in my school and people online, and about 25-30% loved it.

The mods I play are, Greykido, Abd, Ninjutsu, sparring and boxshu, but I don't mind akido either.

Most of my friends have forgotten me due to my constant account changing, one of them was in [z] but I believe he quit.

I have been toxic sometimes, but most of the time I just joke about something that is utterly irrelevant to get everyone's mood up, and it works most of the time.

To be honest, I don't really like editing, but sometimes do it, I downloaded this game because I saw someone else play it, and I believe that there shouldn't be serious scenarios in the rooms but sometimes it should.

Why I do want to join [z]??

Well, I do want to because I used to be a fan of this clan , and still am, and for me, this clan is rising up, even slowly, but still has and is, and I would really be proud that I'm worthy of being in this clan if I can get in, there are more people to look up to and I want to be one of them. But I have a negative point as-well, (please don't sue me) Sometimes, a member of this group sometimes get really toxic for no reason whatsoever , its not common but it at least happens one every 1-2 weeks. I would also want to improve my skill level to become one of the well-known players in the game.

I've been in clans before and they weren't active, so I have left many.

Thank you for reading this,

You need to get better at the mods you mentioned.