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You grabbed most of the time but it was fluid. Especially the boom around frame 250. You got better. 8/10
Wasting time: I've seen a lot better from you man :< The start was kinda stiff and the straight arm grab looked wrong. You ghosted through your leg and hit your head on his leg.
The combo hits looked strange but the 1st boom slightly redeemed it.
Water for DD: This one was great until after the decap. The manip was nice, and the decap flowed well but after that you started to grab quite a lot and it looked rushed.
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Wasting time: The replay was good but you were grabbing the same part the whole replay.
The dm's were also a lil weak but it was still good with the booms. 8/10

Requested: HOLY.. That's what I've been wanting to see from you, booms were amazing, fluid and had a lot of power, skeet was simple but nice. Also is this for the opener challenge?
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Thanks. Yes that's for the opener challenge.
New replay. Rushed though.
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oh yeah