Market Squad Recruitment Drive
Hello friends,

To start things off, I'll talk about myself. My name is Eli, I live in California (gmt-7). I like playing lacrosse, skateboarding (I'm shitty), playing guitar (again I'm shitty), and playing video games. Along with toribash, I enjoy all forza games, csgo (sometimes), and dark souls.

In my years of playing toribash, I admit I have been inactive quite a lot. I recently got back into the game, and after being kicked from my old clan for being inactive, I was looking for a new one. The clans i have been in (chronological order) are [Gds] (Phoenix) [Origin] (mystic), and most recently (vamp). I left [Gds] and (Phoenix) because they were dying clans, and I got kicked from (mystic) and (vamp) for inactivity. I don't really know why I left [Origin] , but I assume I knew I was gonna go inactive so i just left.

As for infraction and bans, I have 4 infractions, all being minor except for one 5 day ban. This was because of a slur (not a racist one, fa word). I assure you this won't happen again. After this ban, I have been a lot more self controlled, and have been getting pissed off less. I only said the slur because a kid was pissing me off and as soon as I said it he reported me.

As for skill, I would say I'm decent, and am best in ABD and Judo. I admit, some mods like boxshu/mushu I cant do at all. As for single player, I have recently tried some replay making/ parkour and it's really damn hard, but I'm working on it. I'll attach some older replays, but they're really bad so beware. I am active on the forums as well.

As I said before, I want to join (AS) because it's always nice to have a clan and a community to interact with. I think without a clan, toribash is a boring game, and thats why I came to you guys. I have done some searching, and a lot of clans now are dead, but (AS) is new and thriving. It would be great to be part of an active clan again, and I think this one matches me.

Thanks for reading!

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big head on the beat
Personal Info:
Hello, my name is Ryan, Im 16 years old. I will be turning 17 in a month and a week or so. I live in NewYork. Gmt is EST. I dont usually go out side that much, but when i do i play Basketball and play a little bit of pool. But i usually just play games on my computer and Iphone. Just recently quit LoL, Started playing Paragon and thats basically it. I have Skype (Dont really wanna voice chat on that though) , Curse, Discord and Teamspeak. Im very easily to get a hold of. Im on from roughly 3pm-9pm EST on week days. On Week ends i can get on usually when ever to when ever.

Toribash Info: Name is Zalf as you can see, I have a Good and Bad history. Ill be honest with you, i acted very bad the first year or so when i started playing Toribash. I've started playing around 2011, Zalf is not my first account. But i am a 10th dan black belt, with nearly 13k wins and 61% win rate. I was Rank 1 for almost a hole month, and obviously blew all the tc away. I have won a lot of solo wars, and wars with my clan of course,I have had some very clutch moments in many different incidences. I have faught up against a few of your clan members in a clan war or 2 before. Im not sure when i "quit" Toribash last, but im starting up again and going to start playing a lot more than what i use too. My past clans are. (Ve) (idle) (Xp) and a couple more i cant remember. I want to join (AS) Because i feel like it has a great community already and a lot of skill, I have known and seen a lot of these members play and talked to a few of them myself. I usually never just get up and leave a clan. I stay until the clan is dead or i get kicked. I have only been kicked from 1 clan i think and that was with activity issues, that was urgent. If i know i will not be on for a few days or so, ill let you all know in advanced. I do not have any replays, because im using a new computer, and it wouldn't show my true potential, because i just started playing Toribash again so recently. Give me a week or a few days to get warmed up.
I usually do not create to many apps, haven't done this kind of thing in a while. Sorry if its messy, tried my best with spelling and grammar. Thanks for your time.

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Hello again mobilla is my real name Vlad GTM +6 I am 17 I am a student I like to sit behind a PC to play to work to draw and listen music I live in Russia Hobie to watch movies and play games. I play in 2012, my first account is yuga2000 belt:6th Dan(lost) the second which started in 2014 vladik000ifl belt:8th Dan(get)well, the third he's made it 2017 the time black was in the clans TEKKEN SINS play of fashion:Boxshu rkmma, ABD lenshu judo ninjitsu f you will have me I'll be true and never leave I'll always be true even if the clan dies while I kick how to finish pleasant of appetite if you eat well, or have luck you been mobilla cya.

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My Application!

About Me!
Hi, my name is Zac. I'm a 12 year old male highschool student from NSW, Australia (GMT 10+). I am quite a lonely person in reality but that's what I like to be. I have 2 other brothers who play toribash ( but they not be as good as meh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). In toribash I am a 10th dan black belt and I have played toribash for over 2 years, I have been in other clans such as (HaZZarD) and [Crooks]. I am on toribash every day ( depending on if I have time ).
My favourite mods are Aikido, Erthtk2, tk and wushu.

I was suggested to join AS by my friend Jencam13, and also because there are many people that I know and have been friends with in the past ( for e.g. Krisis13, Jencam13 and Trestet ).

What I could bring to this clan is alot of quality cringe and memes and maybe some skills, If testing or replays is needed then I will be on the discord if you needs meh :3

Love you all <3
If anymore information is needed I will be happy to share it will you me loves :3

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im pretty sure everyone has forgotten me
My application :D
Hello. I am Legednexpe and i am Here to join the AS clan. Trest tested me and i won 2 games and lost 1. I am in britian and i am currently practicing for my GCSE(Test for you americans or other countrys)
My fave mods:
  • xspar
  • ABD(Akido big dojo for short)
  • Mushu
  • Other spar mods and parkour mods
The first clan i was in was the Blitz. Again i got tested but i did worse then in the other test. I lost 2 games and won once. They gave me a second chance and i won. Ok, enough of this bullshit. The reason why i left Blitz was because it was inactive af. And you know people dont like inactive clans because whats the total point. Its like going to school but like everyone left. i didnt notice that Blitz had little people joining. Someone told me that most of the blitz followers havent been playing for ages. Now you know why i wanted to join AS. Because it is a brilliant clan to be in as others told me.

PS. I forgot to spell check. I cant be bothered to spell them. I spent lots of time on my application so i hope it takes into account and results me being invited

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Good morning, I would like to enter your clan because I would like to fight and have fun
My pseudo In-Game:lop2
My time of game: independent
Mod i prefer to play is Mushu, Wushu , Boxshu , Twinswords , Judo, Aikido
I am not very active on the forum I hope that it would not be a problem
Clans that i enter before:Satire, AoT_FT
My Belt : Black Belt
My GMT is 2 hours ahead ( GMT+2 ).
The language i speak is French

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Well lemme make this a great recruitment thread for all my fellow old friends from 2014.
Ill start off by talking about my life.
My names Marcus. I was born 3/10/01. I had a few bad memories as a kid. My dad left and later died, my mother couldn't take care of me due to having her only be 16 when in was born. I was then luckily adopted by my grandparents. I was born in Maryland, USA. But then later moved to Pennsylvania, USA due to all my family living there. I am 15 and I work at a retirement home one day hoping to apply to become a doctor in the nursing industry. I play baseball as one of my activities and always have a good attitude <3
My skills in toribash
Well a good amount of you might know that I am an ABD player aswell as I do Spar and or parkour. Ill add a few replays towards the end. Especially when I shit on original, Love you xDD.
Ill give u my GMT and other contact info.
GMT : UTC-4 (Eastern US)
Some contact info would be
Discord: Marcus//Getsmakt
Instagram: M_rollins14
Kik: Bruhoski
Snapchat: (Don't laugh) Marcusgot1swag. (itll be M_rollins14 with a baseball emoji_

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Hello, my friends, I am SQUVD, otherwise known as Shadow. I'm a 16 year old male named Adam from Netherland (GMT+1). My father is Dutch and my mother is Moroccan, so I guess you could say my hobbies are fucking goats and gaming. Aside from that I go to school, at which I study Nature & Health. I started playing MP in 2012 until now with short intervals inbetween. I prefer ABD & TK but I'm fine with any standard mods. I'd like to join this clan because I know some people in here which I like, namingly the leaders.

Hit your boy up on S T E A M :

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@GetSmakt, accepted, welcome to the clan.
@SQUVD, sorry buddy, you have been denied.
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