the guy left fear earlier, he was in it for like a day i presume
I was in it for about 46 minutes


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clearly not for you, if you have [py] in mind

Was already in [py] for like 2 months before I left. It isn't in mind anymore.
another chance? he hasn't even applied yet, or have i completely missed something here? haha
guess ill apply then
My name is rifle.
Real name is Justus Spillman.
I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school.
I'm a 10th dan, been playing since 2017.
Mods I play are Aikido, lenshu, and tk.
I'm also somewhat of a replay maker.
Past clans i've been in are Saint (before it went to shit), Tank, and Pyramid.
I'm a top quality shit poster.
I'm a jack of all trades kind of guy. I'm not super good at one mod, but i'm at least decent in most official mods.

Why do I want to join old?
The main reason I want to join this clan is because of the members. I don't really feel like I fit into any of these other clans. Old has members that seem really chill, people I think I could get along with pretty easily. It doesn't seem like anybody is toxic. I mean I hope not. Toxic people are like my kyrptonite. Clan drama is something I really want to avoid, and old seems like the one clan where drama is non existent. Also I think you guys shit post as well but i'm not 100% on that.

Anyways thanks for reading hope you actually talk this out and not deny me immediately
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I'm also somewhat of a replay maker.

if you have any saved replays, post them
that looks like my old tricking replays haha, it's pretty good i guess
Ingamename: Nikootso
Belt: 6th dan

Mainmods: Lenshu, ABD
Clans:Wu Tang Clan (Founder/Leader) Sparta (Highranked member)
Spark (Member) Zero (Member) HAKKAA (Member)

There is also other clans where ive been but really cant remeber them all.


Hello im 25 yo gamer from Finland. I started playing toribash in 2011 but ragequitted because i was a noob. I started to play toribash again in summer of 2018 and found myself some ingamefirends so i hooked on the game again. My hobbies are: Longboarding and i also play guitar. Im a friendly guy and i usually keep calm at the game. I try also to be active on the forums but im not that good of a speaker so it would be nice if someone would pick a topic. Its easier for me to express my opinnions than just speak bull****.

Why Old?

Well simply because old has some dope players and played with many of them and they seem quote active too!. Also an old member and 2nd leader of Wu Tang Clan (Gidzpider) is on your clan and we are coming well together´so it would be dope to get into a same clan again! Also i feel that maybe i could learn more about the game and found maybe a new mod too!