Market Squad Recruitment Drive

Hey guys
I am Core or you can call me Adrian which is my personal name.
I am from the Northern parts of England. UTC+1
I Usually go and play some Tennis or Soccer outside or if I am in a great mood, Get my bicycle out and go explore some areas.
I am currently 14 years old, 15 in 8 Months as of 20/04/19.
I have been on Toribash for 2 years but started in 2013 on wubbywubbywoo
I have been in previous clans such as [Obey] , [Elite] , [Attack] , [AS] , [Ct] , (Ve) and (vo). Most of them i was in when my name was previously ItsLank
I main Aikido , Boxshu and Lenshu. Sometimes a bit of rk-mma.

Why I want to join (July)?

I want to join July because I feel like being in here will improve my skills and consistency to this game. Maybe even social life
I also know some people such as Fire , SemiHampa , Olivia and Diamond. Finally , I think I could be some good use to the upcoming CL especially in Aikido.

If you do have any questions , You can ask me on discord -> Core#8062

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Hello, clan league is getting closer and im looking for a clan dumb enough to take me!

I chose this clan as my first choice for cl because u have a good roster of people who arent massive cunts like others *cough* [w].

Ive worked my way as a good dueler, i build up to 1.5m+ twice last week from scratch in abd so skill department is there, improving and willing to share couple tricks with clan mates ;)

If u want to know some personal stuff of me: ask!
Also listing my alts here because im known with alot of names: Pomacc, Radil, Deox, Valha, Sutta, kulta and tasku

Hope for a quick response so i can go to next choice if getting denied. App is lazy, but so am i

I lost a first to 5 duel in ABD 5-0 vs Fred now i have to use this shitty signature for a month

Personal information

Hi, My nick name is imperial i did namechange i was maxiprieto12345 (the best name), my real name is maximiliano
i am 16 years old, i from Argentina, Tucuman (GMT -4)
in real life i do kick boxing and for 4 years i break dance , i go to gym too. My first language is spanish but i can speak english too
my birthday is on 19th febrary

Toribash information

i played toribash since 2013 but i left tb many times because it was boring at times
I was a big part of my toribash career in MM because this was a spanish clan but now i am clanless
my best mods are aikidobugdojo, judo/judofrac and maybe boxshu

Why i wanna join?

i wanna join on july because i think this is a good and competitive clan
I would also like to contribute my skills to the clan league and see if I fit in with the group