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Uh, hey.

So, I have been in many clans, I have owned and ran a clan. And the amount of people just leave and clan hop, is utterly annoying and ridiculous.

There should, nay, HAS, NEEDS to be punishment for this. I'm not talking about banning or anything of that nature, but I'm not apposed to it if it is needed.

All I am asking is if a player joins a clan, then leaves it, I mean for any reason, they need to have a c"clan-joining-timeout". And at a minimum, it should be a month.

I have had just random members, recruiters and even a co-leader just leave and join many other clans with no punishment at all. People shouldn't just leave without a good reason, but I do understand no one can make them tell a leader they are leaving or even keep them from leaving, but we should try to clean up the clan community by punishing them with a time out.

Future punishment could be a ban from joining clans if they continue to try it.

This isn't a request, this is a must. It's actually annoying.

Any questions, ask. Want more information, PM me.



We have somewhat changed the idea of punishment for leaving clans into a system where Clan Leaders/ Owners are able to keep from inviting Clan Hoppers to their clan by developing a system that allows people to see the clans players have joined, and the duration they were in said clan. This idea was suggested by @sir.

ALSO, @Fee suggested we could create some sort of reward system that the leaders/ owners of the clans can give to players who remain loyal to the clan they are in.

PLEASE, let's focus on developing these points, RATHER THAN attacking me as a clan leader or owner.

My past points before this update have been retracted, hints the link through the text. Any quoting of this text with lines through it from this point forward will be ignored by me.

Thank you!
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