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Seriously. It's getting tedious to have to remember where I posted to see who replied. please give us notifications when we get replied to or someone else posts in a thread the same as us.
Yes, I was literally just going to suggest this.
I need notifications so badly. I hate sitting on forums refreshing.
When you could pick the forums you want notifications to that would be a cool add-on also.
This would also be very very useful whilst marketing.
Yup.. and if the notifications could be Desktop notifications, like inter-tab that pop up the moment it happens like facebook.. that'd be very nice!
There's an alternate way to this by turning on auto-subscription to a thread. So whenever you post, you are subscribed to that thread and then you can go to your subscription feed and check what's up.
Na sahi kuch magar itna to kiya karte the
Wo mujhe dekh ke pehchan liya karte the
Yeah but you still have to go to a specific location to find this.
I would be convenient for a notification to pop-up when you click it and it brings you to that thread.