Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
I think I exploited most of the mechanics I possibly could in this replay

Took me a few months, almost a year if you count the double full as a prep for this

But yeah, here it is

Full in back out xspar landed

end credits

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parkour wip

also shaking off that madman rust, gonna start doing shit more in that style now because the snatchcannon has me satisfied with tricking 4 a while
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its a shame that i suddenly enjoy toribash again but nobody else does lol

I'll keep posting the shit that I do if anyone's still interested, I'm just doing some random shit in my free time

also bonus replay: sitting full
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I came here for a quick comment on your double full thing >:O

It was short and looked somewhat simple, what is a good thing since there is a deep complexity behind the replay (I suppose) but still looked natural/effortless.

I always liked this simple opener of yours and your clean starting back flip to get a proper position and flow to create enough power in the right direction etc etc

the whole thing looked okay, but something that I don't understand from this replay is how you got this second momentum while in mid air so you could do the second flip, you got the timing to move and what move to do so right that I can barely understand or believe in this, god tier stuff.

negatives are that the position you submit yourself in the second flip sucked and you ghosted a lot but the smoothness was maintained

good job dude, insane
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ty for the cnc my dude, appreciate it

MORE TRAMPOLINE *triggerhapp y**trigg erhappy*

just managed to get this around, for some reason I can't land it upright but yeah this is basically a full full but the second full is in the other direction. Definitely gonna revisit this because I think it's one of the coolest looking tricks ive done

also managed to land that triple back thing from earlier, and figured out a possible name for it (full out back out)
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edited this parkour wip a bit. would be cool () to get some thoughts on it from the parkour dudes because nobody said anything last time
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Floatyiest parkour i've seen in months. Cool shit man.

Other than the style it's nothing majour. But really cool in any case man.
more like sitting back in dub full out

Still cool stuff tho, nice to see someone is still doing trampoline replays.
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thanks mack, kaboom is hard for me to get my head around in tb

some more trampoline stuff nobody asked for, full in double back out was very hard to make pretty but I think I got it in the end, let me know what you think
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