Hey my name is jelaun im 16 years old and im from jamaica,im sure most of you know who i am but i know there are some of you who dont,so this is my application.

Favorite mods:I always loved playing aikidobigdojo since i started toribash in 2017.however,now i usually play mma or parkour mods,but if you want me to,i can be very useful in abd clan wars.

Why i want to join all stars: Since this clan was made in 2017 i have always wanted to join because of how prestigious it was and also how cool the members were,i really felt that it was the clan for me and i still feel that way now, even though i got rejected many times when i applied for this clan back then, i know that right now i would be very useful to the clan because of how much better my skills are now compared to then.

About myself: I am a chill guy but at the same time i dont like being around stupid people who constantly spout foolishness and are toxic every second of the day ,id say im also a pretty smart guy so you can see why these kinds of people annoy me,especially when i try helping them or explaining things to them and it goes through one ear and out the other and they go back to being toxic.i guess you could say i am a no-nonsense person.other than that,if you are a like minded person we will definitely get along,and i doubt that anyone in this clan is toxic so there wont be any issues when it comes to my behavior ;).

Ok this is the last part of my application where i address everything else that i havent covered.

When it comes to my ingame activity,out of a 10 id give it a 6,due to school starting and this year being my 11th grade year,which is the most important year, i dont have time to be on toribash as much as i was in the summer when i was active all-day everyday. But my activity level is still not bad compared to alot of players so i will be ingame repping the say im on toribash for 30 mins to an hour for maybe 4 days out of the week,most of the time im just in the server watching others play though. im usually free on saturdays and sundays forum activity is ok but if that’s something id have to work on i wouldnt mind. I feel ive covered everything that was necessary for this application so yeah, hope i get accepted. oh yeah my past clans are Spark,Spyder and The Revolution.(since 2020 cause i cant remember the clans i was in back in 2017-2019).

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Hey :)
Hello, to start I would like to say that I speak rather good English but I will still use google translate. My name is Harry, also known as the Shaman at the time, I am French and I have Native American origins. I am 17 years old and I love cycling, a few years ago I practiced Capoeira, I am very active on Toribash, I am very good in mushu, boxshu, and a little in judo, and that would be a honor that i am accepted here, i love to laugh, make people laugh, and make people happy, thank you for reading.

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Application For Allstars
Greetings, my nickname is BeX and im 16 years old. I'm currently living in Philippines (GMT +8 ) and studying as a high school scholar at PSHS. I've been playing this game since 2012 in other account called Trollern. I sold it to someone since I got bored and stopped playing this game in 2014. I came back 2016 after I got a better PC and right now got an upgrade so now I can play much more than before. I am currently a 2nd Dan Black Belt.

I once joined a clan called Beta in 2016. Just a small group of people who we're just chillin. There I had some friends and developed my skills in this game. A guy named Yami helped me improved alot. Played other games with them and had fun. Our group was dismantled after a misunderstanding in 2018. I left the clan since all my trusted buddies also left it. After that I just recently joined Saint as a means to find wars and such. In the end, Saint was pretty much like a dead clan so I didn't quite enjoyed it. I also joined some clans on my old account but my memory is kinda blurry and I cant remember the names.

BOXSHU: This is the mod where Im really confident and excel at. 80% of all my games are in this mod and it is where I learned to move smoothly and slowly learned how to spar. I also have created signatures which spread for a bit. Right now, I am still trying to experiment and create more signatures for this mod. This mod is where I spend probably most of my time playing this game.

MUSHU: Before I got addicted to boxshu, I started playing and investing my time in MUSHU. The gravity in the two mods are quite similar but I knew that it was lacking something that I wanted. After sometime I stopped playing this mod and moved to Boxshu.

ABD: I don't really excel at this mod but I quite enjoy it. Because of my experience, I can modify moves and somehow predict the right forces and relaxes for me to destroy my opponent. This is the mod we're I kind of get serious and try hard.

I'm not really that kind of physically talented guy. In academics, I am good with Mathematics and English related subjects. Im moderate at video editing and have a YT channel for an another game where I edit montages and stuff. I'm also an animator and combine my skills there to video editing. You can visit the YT: Paradox Anims where you can see some of my video editing and animations samples.

Playing games and watching animes. My music genre is very wide, from hard raps to future funk. I can play soccer and compose music. Only compose, im not that good of a singer tho.

Main reason is to find more friends I can hang-out and have fun with. I don't really have that much friends to play with. I'd like to bond and chill together with people that I have the same interest with. This clan also have a discord that means that its really active. From my previous clans, I couldn't experience clan wars and such since they were not that active. Im hoping that in this clan, I can have another family to bond with and do some wars. Maybe play together other games with the members.

Hoping to hear from you guys soon. Thanks for reading my application.

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Nothing Last Forever.

about me

My ingame name is Slime. I am 17 years old, and in November I will be 18. I live in the United States in the CST time zone. I’ve been playing Toribash since 2014, but I’ve never really been a part of anything forum related, including clans. I took a break in 2017 and just recently got back into Toribash this past month and a half.
I mostly spend my time in freeplay working on parkour replays, but I do enjoy multiplayer and I am dipping my toes in the art of dueling. My main multiplayer mod is Boxshu, and this is because when I started in 2014 Mushu was always my go to mod to have fun and fight. I never really liked any other mod as much as Mushu, so Boxshu was a no brainer for me. At the moment I am a 2nd Dan Black belt, but I have been spending more time in multiplayer matches to increase my Qi further.

Hobbies n Stuff

When it comes to my personal life I am pretty average. I am in my senior year of highschool, and it’s been going pretty well for me. I am average at sports, and academics. I don’t have many hobbies, but the ones I do are puzzle solving, and balisong (butterfly knife) flipping.

Why AllStars?

The reason I want to join All Stars is because I’ve never really been a part of a community in Toribash. I met one of your members and he was a genuine guy. If those are the type of people in your clan, then I would love to be a part of that great community. A community where people are helpful, nice, and respectful. This clan seems like such a nice group of people who would be able to grow my knowledge of this game in every aspect, and I hope I am able to give back to such a great community. I want to be an AllStar.

Thank you for taking time of your day to read this.


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Hey [AS]

Information about me:

The name I go by now is Oexx, I am 22 years old. I live in the United states (GMT +7) and am currently in the Las Vegas area. I am a piano player with a Youtube Channel with 300k subscribers, the channel name is Frank and Zach Piano Duets. Frank and I take requests from the viewers to see what to play for the next video. We usually go all out with costumes and more! I started Toribash in around 2016 but quit because I just wasn't good at anything in the game, I found it very difficult to move my tori and do moves with realism and or flow. Due to this reason I quit the game and took a long break from the game. I returned back in 2018 because I had seen a youtuber doing videos on the game, the youtubers name was Concon. I saw all these other players do this amazing moves and it made me just want to come back to the game and improve and become just as good or better than the players on the montages that Concon made! I had this passion to always improve and make it to the montages more, with each replay being better than the previous replay I had made and this passion has made me a skillful player in the present going against other well skilled players and always sharping my skills in the game to improve. In Toribash I am focusing the most right now on my tricking, for this is the skill that I have always been amazed by and am starting to amaze myself with the hard work and all the effort I am putting to improve at it and become a better replay maker in the tricking section of Toribash. Though my main skill will be the parkour section of Toribash, spar is also fun but I have left that behind and am only doing Parkour and tricking right now as my main skills for ReplayMaking.


My hobbies consist of the instruments, I am a main piano player but I can also play the guitar. I have been playing the piano since as long as I can remember, I believe I first started playing the piano when I was 8 years old and stuck with it ever since. Through all the triumphs and etc piano has been the instrument that I came back to when expressing my feelings without letting anyone know but just me. It keeps me off of the real world I guess and I am happy that I have inspired others to play the Piano, it is such a great instrument and the best in my opinion since there is so much that you can play with it. It is limitless with the music you can play on it! Guitar though is another instrument that I have played for a while, it is not my favorite unlike the piano but the guitar is a great instrument to pick up and learn! I have practiced the guitar for a while now, I am not as good on the guitar compared to the piano but I think that I have improved to the point to where I can help others improve on the instrument. Instruments are a great tool and a great hobby to try out. I do have another hobby that I enjoy and it is Youtube!! Youtube is a amazing hobby and am thankful for all the viewers and subscribers that I can get on a video, youtube is my favorite thing to do when I am home. I would rather do nothing more than entertain the people of the internet, it is great to know that people like the music I play with my friend and I have helped others improve their skills with instruments. I do youtube full time now since all the support from my subscribers all made me want to keep on uploading for them.

Why AllStars:

There is a big reason why I want to be in All Stars compared to Obey, Nitro, or any other clan. The reason is because the players are great! A lot of the All Stars players have treated me with a lot of respect compared to some other clans that I have been in. There have been times where I just join a lobby to do a Xspar or watch others play and an All Stars member joins and they treat me really well as if I'd know that player for a long time. I love the respect that the All Star clan has provided and for all the players that have helped me improved when I was newer to the replay making section on Toribash. Xioi was a great person on teaching me that skill in Toribash, so I thank him a lot! I think that All Stars is the clan for me because with all the people I have spoken to they have shown great aspects in the clan and I would like to be apart of this great community!!!

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Ayo, its the good old Algiux here

About me:
Im a 17 year old boy from Lithuania(GMT +3) , and my name is Algirdas. outside. Im playing this game for 6 years now (started from 2014-06-23) with loads of brreaks, now i came back to it because i felt very nostalgic.

My favourite mods:
I'm the ABD type of guy, and its my primary mod, im playing it from the very beginning and i mastered it quite perfectly.

My hobbies and something that im planning on doing with my life:
So my main hobby is sports, that includes football, boxing. These two hobbies of mine are from childhood and im great at them, im also planning on going to the gym which i wanted to for a long time because i really enjoy building a strong, and endurable body. Im also not so far away from 18 years of age, which in my country (Lithuania) you can get your drivers license, and i've been dreaming about owning my own vehicle.

Previous clans that i have been in:
I really don't remember what clans i was in because i took a long break but i can remember the most memoriable clans that i have been in, that even includes [AS], I remember the day i joined the clan, i made loads of friends and i got to get along with alot of them (sadly i don't see most of the people that i remember but hey, maybe ill meet them again someday.
I was also in [L] Liquor, i got invited because a friend of mine knew The leader very well (The leader was frost at the time) and they were trying to revive the clan and make it to the top, i also met loads of people there but unfortunatley got kicked because i had to take the blame for something i didn't do, but the people in the clan were very chill and very cool.

Why out of all the clans im choosing [AS]?
Well this is an easy question to answer, first of all i have been in this clan a dozen times, thanks to my buddy Trestet. Second is that this clan i think is the most memoriable clan i have been in and i have loads of memories in it, like my first time that i was participating in a Clan War, which we won and etc.

Best of wishes to the [AS] community and I hope my Application made you consider me.
Love, Algiux.

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The secret of our success is that we never, never give up.
Hi !
Hi! my ingame name is xLqvex, I am 10 years old, i'm from brazil (GMT -3)

My favorite mods:

, My favorite mods are boxshu_mushu_v3 and mushu! I play toribash since 2018 or 2017 (I dont know exactly)

Why out of all the clans im choosing [AS]?

I would like to join in [AS] Because theres cool people in that clan, and i'm searching for a clan and people to play, talk, etc

Previous clan that i have been in:

I was in [Universe] clan, It was a brazilian clan

Things i like to do:

I like playing games like minecraft with my friends, brawhalla, roblox and among us, I mostly spend my time watching youtube, talking with my friends or playing

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Hey guys!

It's Stonda! I was a member of AllStars before the clan disbanded.
The reason why it took me so long to apply again is that I thought I had been kicked (Yes I'm dumb <3)

In short, my name is Theo, I am almost 20 years old.
I was born in France but I moved to Thailand (GMT+7) about 11 years ago.
I play toribash since 2011 (Old account) and since 2013 on this account.
Most of you probably know me already ^^

I had a lot of periods without playing toribash because my computer kept dying and I couldn't afford buying a new one (That happens)

I consider myself a good player, not only because of my playing skills (Actually espcially not because of that) but also because of my general attitude: I've never had any warnings or bans, and no one hates me (As far as I know).

My favourite mod is ABD, but I can be good in many other mods if I give it a try. (I'm rusty but I used to whoops asses well)

When it comes to my life, I'm a successful racing driver (Vice-Champion of Thailand of karting and F4 racing driver) and I run my own company since 2017. (Alongside studies)
I love philosophy, psychology ( I don't study it at school tho) and history as it helps you to understand a lot about human behaviour.

I would love to join AS again as I never planned to leave it in the first place, I really love the vibes of the clan and the people in there, but also because I believe that I could bring a touch of good humor to the clan ^^
I love to be part of a goodwilling and strong community, and AS is the only clan that inspire me this ^^

I'm active ingame and can be active on forums ( I just need a clan to post)

Anyways I hope to see you folks ingame soon !

Cheers <3

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Hello [AS]

Short Info:
My name is L3rkDeath or Randy O. I am 23 years old and live in the United States (GMT-6).
Started playing Toribash around early 2009 as an old account (xxGangstaxx). I don't know anyone remembers but yeah that's me.

My favorite mods are aikido and aikidobigdojo. I can also play Mushu and Judo but not as advanced as Aikido. I am a very fast learner to learning moves and techniques but there isn't too much to say about this topic.

Clan Experiences:
I had been in counter with a few clans in my time being here but they are all inactive at the moment.

I ran [Sensei] back in 2010-2012. I was the first time i've been a leader of a group and I loved the experience that I had being one. I stopped because I wasn't able to pay the fee to continue running during that time but it's cool in the end.

[Saints] from 2012-2013. I Co-lead that clan with DeakManiac and Kratos during that time, It was fun until he decided to leave it.

[Legendary / Origin]: 2013-2020. This was my last clan that I was in. Not going to lie, I've never felt good being in a clan besides this one during its prime. Having great friends like Zeus, Weppetko, Kratos, Emoney these guys gave me the reason to continue to stay active in forums and ingame from starting as a member - leader (when Zeus was hospitalized) I have matured and understood what it meant to be family with others that even are a greater distance than you. This is what I see when I look at All Stars. "[AS]All Stars" Yeah I read the post

My hobbies are designing and fixing computer hardware. I've graduated Marquette with an Masters Degree in Computer Engineering so as of now i'm just relaxed and I completely have the free time necessary to staying active on Forums / In-game / Discord. My other hobbies is drawing. I have made art before in forums starting back from 2015-2018. I took a break because my pc broke and I was only able to use a loaner computer throughout my time being in college so I couldn't use toribash as often as I would like to. Other than that, my other hobbies are playing instruments and basically staying online playing video games or watch streams.

Why AllStars?
I have decided to choose All Stars because I love the vibe that you all bring out into the community. I've been into a couple of your ingame servers and I like the way how several of the members present themselves. This is my first week back into Toribash and just like my old clan [Origin], I can see how you guys treat each other like family. You guys give out a good vibe with a funny sense of humor that fits my personal, and I would be glad to be apart of that. For that reason is why I wanted to come back, stay active, and give out to the community. I really think that [AS] will make me even better than I am today.

~Thank you for your time


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~#1 Of The Shittiest Shitposter of TP 2016~
Co-Leader of Origin
My Application For All Stars
It's been over a year since I've "left" all stars due to problems irl. Now that's sorted, I come back, wondering how the clan is after my absence. Now its flourishing with active players, talented individuals, and a leader who kept the clan alive for several years. I do feel like a part of me does have regret for not interacting with my fellow clanmates. I do take responsibility for that.

I've been a part of All Stars a couple of months after its creation from 15th of may 2017 to 10/06/2018. I was present when All Stars became official. I was there when i participated in my first clan league game. I was even given the privilege to manage clan wars due to my excellent gameplay. Despite that i didn't use the tools given to me to my full ability, it felt like an achievement. I am forever grateful for that.

About Me
I'm 17 years old who is currently studying in college (In England) in hopes of progressing to university so that i may become a pharmacist in the coming future. I like to chat with my irl friends and play a couple of games when I can use my spare time. I am somewhat active on a regular and I'm currently looking for a job to help me earn skills and money (but with the current lockdown and living in a place where it's a hotspot for covid, ill have to delay the said plans). Nothing too boring, nothing too fancy, but im an everyday player with an aspiration in life

Mods I play regularly
xspar.tbm (I prefer to play online with a partner to help me coordinate a good looking replay for the both of us to look at when we wish to. Currently I'm somewhat average and could use a bit of coaching. Nether the less its really fun to play and the creative aspects of it are endless)
akkidobigdojo.tbm (Despite that I've lost a lot of habits and techniques due to my years break from toribash, I do play it casually or sometimes seriously if there's something on the line
Boxmushu.tbm (Mainly carefree and unpredictable as hell. That's all there is to it)

Why you should consider inviting me to All Stars
Of course! I must provide a good explanation to why you shouldn't deny my request. However, I've proven to complete all of the challenges that were set before me and expectations. There's a reason why trestet was generous enough to promote me to a higher rank, Hence why I was able to remain in the clan until I ghosted. I can assure you that all of my inadequate behaviour I did in the past remains in the past and doesn't relapse. I am ever more active than before, so inactivity shouldn't become a barrier for me (unless I have future problems that require a large time out of my spare time, in that case ill inform you beforehand).

Hopefuly you will take this application seriously and take me on board.

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[insert generic quotes from certain players]