toribash, mortal kombat 9, deus ex, team fortress 2, gta san andreas, gta IV stories from liberty cities and fifa 12, some on ps3 and pc
Good for you, you could play cool games like GTA IV. I have Gta IV my self but it lags like crazy because I have Pentium 4.

Oh, and I play Condemned: Criminal Origins by the way.
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Well Ive been playing Mount and Blade , its the most relistic medivel war senerios you'll ever play online . You can command hundreds of troops and your character is in third person veiw so you can fight too. Theres a new expansion pack for it too . I recomend this game to everyone .
Unfortunatly not , well not legaly lol Its not an expensive game . Watch some youtube gameplay , you'll want to get it .
minecraft and tb ftw! and one more is just cause 2.. i love that one too
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Mount and Blade was on sale on steam just yesterday!

Starcraft II
That's it for me right now.
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