Planetside 2 I think is weird. I had some extreme server lag and all the interface is weird and doesn't seem user friendly D: .
Also, I've played quite much Hammerfight lately, even though it's an incredibly small game, it doesn't stop being fun.
I love Planetside 2, the scale is just so massive it makes it fun, the endless possibilities are what makes it so outstanding. ;3 Plus you know I have every OP gun conceivable for the New Conglomerate so it's easy to rack up kills.
I play NBA 2k14, to be honest, 2k12 was the best one in terms of design and music and overall creativity stuff, 2k14 is just meh, it's got like better moves and gameplay and stuff, but...I don't know, I hope they make a good 2k15 one.
Also, anyone played this game? It's really cool, for me, at least, it kept me playing for hours: Pre alpha, but still really cool
Anyone here play SC2?

I bought it because Free-to-play games are getting kinda crowded. (Yeah, introvert in real life; introvert in the internets.) Anyway, almost a week since I bought the game; I got the expansion pack too.

For anyone wondering:
Starcraft 2 is a widely popular real time strategy game, it is the sequel of Starcraft. The Starcraft series is the most popular e-sport in Korea since the late 90s.

The game so far in my opinion:
Seeing that this is a sequel released 2010, it is actually pretty good; the game is much more intense and you can really feel the diversity of each of the three races. The campaign is really good and they added some flavour into it which you won't experience in multiplayer matches. It's worth the money.
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