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SkulFuk's guide to making a suggestion thread awesome rather than meh
It's been a long time since we make suggestions MK2, and sadly it's stagnating much like the last board did - and I'm blaming all of you, yes you too.

So in order to help make suggestions awesome and better here's my guide to how to change a thread from meh to awesome.

1. Don't do that "supported" crap. NO, BAD, NO! That doesn't help the idea, and it doesn't get the idea any more attention. We don't care how many people support an idea, we care about how "developed" that idea is.

2. Don't be vague. Too many generic or basic suggestions, they need detail. So you want a specific thing, but how will it work? How exactly do you want things to be within the idea? A good idea will have a good solid foundation behind it.

3. When you see staff commenting on an idea (eg me) pay attention to what they say. If we like the idea then push it further, add to it, make it more awesome. If we don't like it or shoot it down, make adjustments. You don't need to be the person who came up with the idea to suggest different ways of doing it. Just because way #1 didn't work doesn't mean way #2 or #3 wont.

4. Read the board first and make sure there isn't a suggestion like yours already. Is yours similar but different? Why not put your idea as a suggested change to theirs? Obviously their one didn't work so help develop it into what you want.

All in all the key here is to help build ideas into something usable. Stop with the "supported" or "I like this" blah blah crap, and get pro active. Ideas need work to turn them into reality.

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