Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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Hmmm...what I do is delete the last comment if its mine and write something else, therefore, the thread bumps...If the last post is not yours, then just post something
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eh im preety sure its only legal to bump after 24 hours has been passed and you got something to update as in lets say a price change or you added another item or something etc

also if you delete your own post and write another one to bump your thread im preety sure you will get infracted.... seeing as mods can see that you did that :O
I just should post on my own thread after 24 hours yeah ?
Thread didn't bumped, i posted another post after 24 hours and it appeared like there.
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Oww...did'nt know that... :P sorry for my misleading information.
㋡ My TB A$AP Homies ㋡
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Next time, please use the Rapid Threads board for quick questions.
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