Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
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Steampunk joints only appearing on replays
My steampunk joints is not appearing in the game

can anyone help me?

Currently, the steampunk joints are replay only. So you can only see them when you are watching the fight after it is over.

The developers are currently working on making it possible to see your steampunk joints during the match too!
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My steampunk joints is not appearing in the game

can anyone help me?

It's done so you can see your joint states (custom obj don't support multiple states as of now).
But yeah, we're looking into making it possible to see custom 3D joints during the fight (you still won't see them on yourself when playing but other players will).
Not sure if this is helpful or not but, I purchased the steampunk joints yesterday, and at first they weren't showing so I went to "effects" and checked "always on" in the options and they appeared while I played and in replays.
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Maybe make them like the Valkyria joints?

Hi, feel free to make a suggestion thread about this here (also read the S&I rules), but this isn't the board for that.

gmzx64max: As sir and Athin have already answered this question, I'm going to close the thread - feel free to open it or PM me if you have more issues.