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In Memory Of
I think that some kind of respect for deceased toribash players would be a nice touch and that it would make the community a bit more solid. We all know that some toribash players have been confirmed deceased (Shawshank and Ocean being the two biggest names) and i believe that adding something somewhere to their player profile saying like "In Memory Of" or "R.I.P." would both inform the users of who is deceased (so people don't joke about it) and it could also serve as a memorial, allowing players to leave comments on the deceased player's profile or such. The punishment for faking a death or playing with this system could basically be a ban of some sort so that it reduces the trolls.
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Agreed, definitely a nice initiative. This game is around for so long solely because of our community. That's the least we can do to show some respect!
I also think it's a good idea. Toribash has a long history as a game and we have players worth remembering.
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thank you so much heat for bringing this up, and yes ofc i agree with you 100%.

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