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Penalty for leaving the tournament
More looks like an appeal to staff members.

Hello everyone, I really hope this one will be supported.

Almost in every game you are getting banned for at least 10 minutes for leaving ranked match or game. Why cannot it be lifted in Toribash? There are many players who leave tournament server nearby his\her loss and gets nothing for it.

Nowadays Toribash tournaments (not ES one) are rare but still useful for some players thing which allows to get some TC's for bets or duels or just for buying regular items but its still a problem to have enough players who will end their match and leave after a loss, it makes this game less interesting and funny.

F.E. player cannot join a tournament server for 30 mins after his leave from the server, or he needs to play 10-20 regular games in public or private room to join a tournament server.
Theres no real way to deal with the issue. Some people get on just to play these servers and then leave after they had their part. Theres also very frequent cases of pepo getting pinged and having their client stop working; tbh if someone wants to go that far they can fake such things. I like your idea but its just not going to work
honestly i think this is disnecessary, people dont go in public tournaments to have fun, they go for the TC, soo if they lose they wont waste they time waiting the tournament to end just to not get a penalty for leaving, it would be forcing people to stay in it, which would made them bored and they would leave anyway in anger, and they could even quit toribash or complain in the forum or even both