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Replay Advanced filter
Hello i'm going to explain whats the problem then what i'm i suggesting.
so first lets take a look to my replays hud.

Alright as you see here there is lots of messed up replays name its because when a next round happens i have no time to save and name it perfectly so i spam asd and now i have 100 + replays with this name.this isn't really a big problem but then after i started getting events like the best abd decap event the clan boxshu is doing i think its impossible to find in this pile so now i finished what the problem is here is what i am suggestion.
The suggestion is that adding a advanced filter haves a check for Head Decaping
then shows the replays with a head decap and so on and ill find this extremely useful if we can have a filter where you can set what part was dismembered and instead of searching, on the bottom left u can pick the mod and not have to type it every time , u can put a range of how much points u got in that match and lots of other filters but that's for the dev to decide i am just suggestion and i think it would help if u can add a better filter then searching a name and to find replays with specific dms and others etc.

Guys if you agree please help me out in the comments and maybe try explain the problem better then me cuz im not the type to explain well lmao.
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Originally Posted by sir View Post
You can search for "decap", replays with a decap get an auto tag added during caching

done that doesnt work entirely but cant it be more organized
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