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Scammed/Lost items compensation.
Hi, so throughout my experience, I have encountered so-called (Sinking) in Toribash, after a duel of some sort, the loser decides not to send you the prize you won, rather place it in a decap prize anywhere, on a public boxshu server for example, someone wins the DP and decides to spend the tc YOU earned on the torishop as to them this was just another decapprize to win right... So I have went through this situation, lost the amount of 500,000 TC and I can not be compensated with the TC back due to the scammer not having any items of the same price of the TC that I lost, with that being said, I can not be compensated and I end up with nothing but a ban to the scammer.

In my opinion the rule of staff not being able to "spawn" said items in order to compensate someone who has lost their winnings, needs to be removed immediately to prevent future frustration, OR for staff to refund all items bought by the winner of the decapprize and send the TC owned by the winner of the duel be sent back to them.

Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below, Have a Nice Day.
Yes I'm sure you encountered with this problem many times as you are one of those scammers after all. Now you tasted your own medicine and wants a refund, but let's put that aside for now.

Toribash staff are not allowed to spawn items because that would create a loophole in the dueling system. I could just create fake proofs with another player and get the staffs to spawn me items after that.

Duels aside from the traditional tc duels are your own responsibility exactly for this reason.

I can't even count how many players you duel trapped till now. For you to even have the idea to make this thread is absolutely ridiculous.
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IDK who u are and why u are coming at me, but back to the point, u can't create fake proof, cuz if that was something possible, I could make fake proof about you disobeying rules and ban you, so you are wrong, All star. fuckin christ.
The fact that you scammed others multiple times is true. You don't have to know who I am. I'm coming at you because you are the last one who deserves to be compensated.

Also yes, you can create fake proofs. You just have to get someone and pretend to be duel scammed. They just didn't do it till now because there is no compensation.

Also you can't make fake proof about me disobeying the rules because I can prove you wrong in that case. That is true.

Now I hope you understood everything.
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I deserve to be compensated because im repaying almost everyone I done wrong and if you can prove me wrong then im sure a person who faked needing tc can be proven wrong by the staff team. I hope u understood everything.
AND im writing this for future cases, not just for myself to be compensated but for others who will be done wrong.
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No staff can't prove you wrong as long as there are no witnesses aside from you and the friend you did the fake scam with. The only proof they will see is the fake proof you show them and staff won't know if that's fake or not.You just have to show them a fabricated chat history about the duel agreement.

I won't post on this thread anymore. Good for you if this gets implemented, but that highly unlikely.
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