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Autoload Textures
Hello, I have searched for a similar suggestion, but couldn't find so decided to make a thread and hope it gets some backup from the community and be implemented

As all of you know currently when you join a server and its mid-fight, the textures of the players playing just stay the default Uke and Tori ones.
Will be awesome if it possible as soon as you join a server for the game to check into your "custom" folder for the specified names and load them asap.

Also in conjunctions with that, to also run the "/dl (name)" command on both players and update the textures when they are downloaded if there are any differences from the textures uploaded on the server and those in the "custom folder".

I think it will be amazing to finally not have to do the "/lp 0/1" command as soon as I join any server, it might be only me doing it, but I like seeing the textures of the players.