Hola Amigues, como andan? Me llamo Felipe, tengo 20 años. Vivo en Buenos aires, Argentina (GMT-4). Estudio medicina, toco instrumentos (bajo, bateria) y soy bastante fan de los video-juegos.
Con respecto al Toribash, soy Master Belt, y un ex-miembro de MM y a lo largo de mi trayectoria forme parte de clanes como Latin y Rayo. Soy mas activo in-game, que en el foro, pero de igual manera soy de usarlo con frecuencia. Juego casi siempre aikido. Me gustaría unirme para continuar este proyecto del que fui parte y poder explotarlo al máximo, aportando mi actividad in-game y en el foro. Por otro lado, me alegra mucho que MM resucite!
Tengo pocos replays, los perdí con mi compu:
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@Gentleman we have already had a discussion about you before your app JA
App 10/10 (invited/accepted/"sent")
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Gracias por esta oportunidad

Esperemos que disfrutes tu estadía en el clan ♥
Hello, I'm Dextile69, I'm 17 years old and I live in Portugal (GMT). I'm a musician and I really like to make music and to play with my band. I don't have much to say about me.
I can talk in portuguese and english (and I know a bit of Spanish too)

So, about Toribash:
I play this game since May 2018, I'm almost 3rd dan black belt and my main mod is abd (Allways playing it). I'm active during my holidays (April, June to September and December to January) and during school time I'm active on the weekends (except when I have exams).
I have a good winning rate (around 80%) and I am in the top 30 players at the moment (the best raking I got on this season was 15), I think that's pretty good for a person under 5th dan.

I want to enter MM because it is a chill clan with some good people that like the game has much has I do.

So this was my aplication, I hope you found it to be intersting and I will be waiting for the results!!

(I have some replays here so feel free to check them out)

(DISCLAIMER: I don't know if the lenshu replay is mine because that replays were sitting on my PC for about 1 month and I didn't check the lenshu one)
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bob abd.rpl (27.4 KB, 3 views)
flip over jenson.rpl (82.8 KB, 3 views)
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