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(Elf) Recruitment Rules

If you wanna join us, you need to follow our clan rules:
  • You need to be active on forums (at least 1 post per day).
  • You need to be active in-game (at least 5 games in a week).
  • You need to be active on discord (especially for clan wars).

Very Important: if you don't follow any of our rules, you will get kicked imediatly.

You need to know english enough to start and finish conversations.

You can PM me (the leader) or apply on forums by telling us the following points:

who are you?
why you want to join us?
when you started to play toribash?
what's your skills related to toribash (art, replay making, dueling etc) ?
you can also add any type of additional information, such as videos, in-game replays etc.

We won't accept any type of alternative or main account made in 3 months before the application. After that period, you can apply to us.