here I got some of my replays
Btw I join some clans to help my friends but I stopped that and All past clans now like dead to me
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Darknesslor, we didn't like your attitude and your app is... Meh ... You were still part of a clan when you joined and we don't think RL would be the right clan for you.
You are DENIED
my main account is markskaggs I had another but I forgot the password. I play almost every day. I check and post a lot. Ive never been banned. I like parkour, mushu, wushu, aikido, and any other fun mod I can find. I like making mods but my settings are messed up right now. and I wanna join because I like the people in it.
well I haven't posted on this account yet tho.
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hi im Dubzy,im 20.
thats my main cause i dont have any;
i been in Eon,Elemental and Rival.
I never got banned cause im loyal and nice with people.
I play a lot in toribash...litterally every day and i daily check the forum and stuff.
I choose reckless cause i know Gunshot and Acke and when im with them we have good time also i hope this clan will be my definitive one.
I play a lot in sparring and my favourite mods(also im good at):ABD,Grekido,Ninjutsu and runkido
Originally Posted by gun43 View Post
JUst send a few replays and just fill in the form on the 1st page

Dude we changed it back to freeform but with a few requirements...

I used to play toribash back in 2013, and it has been an extremely long time since I have played this game. I attempted to log in to both of my old accounts, however I forgot their passwords and I cannot retrieve them due to the fact that I never had an email paired with either of them. The names of the accounts are spyguy44 and MasterMiLK if you need them. My current in-game name is ItzMiLK. Back on my old accounts I only remember the name of one clan I used to be in: Fusion (Maybe 2014?) I have never been banned on any accounts throughout toribash.I will be In-game an increasing amount now that I have gotten back into Toribash. A couple hours everyday, depending on activities, school, and family. When I used to play this game a lot in 2013 I was about 9 years old. I never really browsed through the forums due to this fact. The forums were just too complicated and confusing for me. It just looked as an unnecessary place for people to communicate. So I just couldn't be bothered to browse through it. But now that I'm a tiny bit older I can see that the forums consists of a lot more than just a communication center. It's become a very useful and fun place to hangout and surf in your free time. So on that note I will begin posting more. My favorite mods are Akido and AkidoBigDojo and anything that uses grappling really. I am on discord basically whenever I'm on my computer. I am 12 years young and enjoy playing PC games. I hope my app can prove that I'm mature enough and won't be too much of a nuisance to you guys. My fight style is very relaxed with much force. I usually start a match by giving a hard strike or preforming a balanced/stable stance. From there on forward I let my opponent do the work and just counter his attacks. In short, I use my opponents attacks against him with relaxed and powerful plays. I want to join Reckless since it seems like a very relaxed clan with very chill members. I hope I can contribute to the best of my abilities especially in war.

Thank you for taking your time to read my application.
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