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[AUCTION] Cyborg HQ head
Im making a new head atm. Its theme being cyborg/robotty.

Here is what it looks like.

Starting bid: 1K
Min raise: Whatever you feel is right. But dont be cheap :P
Autobuy: 7K

If you would like a set for this head then please PM me and i will get to it.
Oh and if u would like the sign at the back taken away i can do that for free

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Still has a seam in the back.

Btw, I thought cyborgs were part human
Anyway, it's a good head
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Nah there is no seam, my GIMP always does that. I can post pics if u dont believe me. DOnt see why you wouldnt <.<

And yeah they are part human, blood is from humans only right? Lol

And thank you.
Well, im proud to bid the minimum to start this off
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