Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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Nah he is god belt, he just uses his custom belt title to have "GOOD belt".

I thought it was "40th Dan White Belt"...
Fonzie be with you.
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I thought it was "40th Dan White Belt"...

That was very long ago, he is god belt like Magix said, however he can still specify his title.
lead Sigma
there arenew ones... like the monkey of death belt
i just thought of a funny belt.

.:/Dun dun dun\:.
Beware..... BEWARE....


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Why would we even care? The only chance someone would get 100k/1mill qi in the near future would be by buying qi. And at the $10=1k qi, $1000 is 100k qi. While a million, I'm not even gonna think about that because no one would bother spending that much period.