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what has toribash become?
i remember when we would fight every round and afterwards your opponent would say "good game" or "ill get you next time". now its just filled with a lot of underaged kids who feel like the can only be.....well you know...... online. i was just in a server today, there were two players. One went by the name of grand101 and another by RWCUBE. as soon as i joined in the server they started acting like total a**holes calling everyone who joined N****** and faggots. then he started agruing about how he could easily beat me, which then i beat him. Now both of them threw massive fits and would not shut up. I soon figured out that they were farming instead of actually playing, thus they would curse and throw fits until any newly joined players would leave. Of course they didnt own the server because they would have simply kicked any new players. So if you do see either one of these A**holes, just kick or ban them. as soon as i get proof of what they were doing i will personally report them myself, i just hope someone beats me to it.
I hear about these types of players all the time. Of course, I know they exist, but I wonder why I never run into any of them?
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F8 is the hotkey to take a screenshot ingame. From there you go to your Toribash folder, and the screenshot folder. You can upload directly to the site. If you ever see someone talking like that again, send me a PM and I will gladly deal with them.
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I remember this used to happen to me,well maybe not the farming part though.When it does happen i dont think much about it a few mins after its over.
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This kinda stuff happens too me too. I joined a server, then for no reason 2 guys started screaming insults at me. I was fspecced and muted. I didn't know how to take a screenshot then, so there was nothing I could do. All I wanted was a friendly game of Aikido. -_- (No, neither the name nor tag suggested a private game). I suggest everyone making an effort to at least acknowledge others in game, and at least say 'gg' after a match. Maybe, but that's just my opinion. I think TB servers could get a lot "cleaner" than this. (lol looong post)
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I always say gg after a game, it's becomen a kind of habit
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When i was brown belt i never saw one of them,now when i am an black i see them all the time :I
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I dont say gg unless it is a gg....but i dont say N***** or Faggot...I kick those ppl from my server.... xD
Yeah, I hardly say gg, unless it's a good game. It infuriates me when people say gg after a shitty game.
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