well polls arent good because most people havent seen the person.
How about:
-You or aikido decide while certain people in the clan have veto power (incase the person in question a dickhead out of sight)
well if we dont like the person then we can veto the "yes decision" into a no unless you really want to let the guy in in which case you use super-leader-godlike dont-haveto-follow-rules power to veto our veto.
im not sure i like that. wat if there is a scenario where we have a person who dont get along with much of anyone and he tries to veto everyone. i think if two veto but ill talk about it more with aikido
Name: Zzilm
5th dan, almost 6thdan
Mods: any, but i prefer wushu and aikido, and crouching tiger
Clan History: was the leader of MastaStrike
Who recruited you: Teague19
Reason For applying: Teague19 was nice, and you guys seem fun. plus it will be nice to be in a not dead clan
"I have read and will abide by the 'rules of Secret' list.": (yes)
"I have a black belt or higher and 50+ post": (

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me vs teague19.rpl (68.8 KB, 10 views)
awesomesave.rpl (57.2 KB, 10 views)
OK, so ten out of ten for style, but minus several million for good thinking, yeah?
Lopants2 is back
idk if u remember me or not i join a few months ago, but my account got messd up where cant go online ive tryd every thing but i made a new account its CrabWithShovel but i sarted today. 1-24-2011 but srry 4 the afk. could i rejoin the clan With CrabWithShovel btw ill be online more.i would relly like to re join the clan so ill apply 4 it. REMEMBER lopnts is CrabWithShovel. so see u guy l8ter. ps if u hav an idea to bring back lopants tell me.