Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Could I post a single player replay here?
[18:55] <Moop> congrats on the official *Moop returns to joshjoshua*
[18:55] <~Nugget> wait wht... josh you're stupid
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For the records
DO NOT post replays where u belonged to other clans, and do not post co-ops with ppl that dont belong to this wonderfull clan

Nope, sorry.
Nah it's fine, we'll let things less strict for the time being, the more threads active, the better. Go ahead josh,
<&Erth> fagm <&Erth> duck <&Erth> *fuck
Fagm duck fuck everyone.

Lol I just made a skating replay that no one in secret can beat. It is a nollie pop shuv-it with a perfect land. Made this replay my first try.
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My name is a reminder that staff can do whatever they want.
c: random rpl
Random rpl c:
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