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Well it depends on what the challenges are...

You're already in secret. Just skip this.
Ok, here we go

#Gargon_Shadows: A rather slow madman.
#Gargon_Energy overflow: Madman, my first replay with ripping joints apart.
#Gargon_Newborn v2: Madman.
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#Gargon_Newborn v2.rpl (195.7 KB, 3 views)
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I could. But I am not sure I will be allowed to. I guess we could play together see how things go and ill post replays with information. If I am not allowed to just tell me.
My name is a reminder that staff can do whatever they want.
Not to sure about that, I think you have to be in the recruiting team. If I'm wrong someone will probably correct me.
[x] Applicants fanciest replays will be checked
[] Applicant will play a minimum of 3 games(in diferent mods)
[] Applicant will be tested in all mods the user claims to be good in
[] Applicant will complete 1 challenge (testers choice MP or SP)
[] Applicant will be discussed

Gargon PM me when you are available to play.
Buck you haven't been in Secret long enough to be on the recruitment team :P
Alive and Kicking again, [SECRET], former artist, I lose all my matches.