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boaf gets my vote full fledged. I don't know what that fool boaf was thinking with his post, boaf is much greater than chac.
(who is that boaf guy anyways, and why wouldn't he vote for boaf?)

boaf: boaf is way better than chac, you fub, and here is why:

1. boaf spends more quality time with the stonewall

2. boaf enjoys the partybong, along with stonewall

3. boaf can smoke more than chac can

so boaf, now you see, boaf is a much better option than chac. SO BOAF, change your vote to boaf.
I love chac so....you got mine vote xD

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If you can't read the rules, gtfo.
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This was hard. Of course I want to vote boaf, due to the fact that he's my buddy. However, as far as community member goes, I'm not sure. I decided to use a point system to decide who would be better.

How much he helps: +3
Drunk singing with me: +0 (Only because I want to be unbiased. If I could, I'd give him over 9000)
Coding and computer know-how: +1

Helps others +2
Flames others -1
Funny flames +2

Slightly inactive: -2
Good admin: +5
Well-thought-out answers: +2

Active: +1
Debate forum mod: +2
Troll: -3
Funny troll: +4

Final Score
boaf: 9
Chac: 7

Point systems work pretty well.

lol @
Troll: -3
Funny Troll: +4

19:08 <@SlainVeteran> FINNISH
I would have to say that boaf is more fun. Ofc, this is a subjective opinion, likely influenced by my long history in knowing boaf. However, I think boaf is generally a mature community member/admin/kitten, where Chac tends to flame. I do enjoy a good flame every once in a while, but I could not vote positive on the basis of funny flames.
I like boaf because he keeps this place fun, I'm not saying Chac doesn't because chac is a good friend of mine.
[ s p i r i t ]
wonkwonkwonkwonkwonkwonkwonkwonkwonk♥♥♥wonkwonkwon kwonkwonkwonkwonkwonkwonk

boaf... by far boaf.

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You provide opinion BUT NO FACTS.
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[21:20] <blkk> what does fap mean?
No one

EDIT: I mean boaf

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prbly chac cause i dont realy know boaf at all and if i dont know him i dont see his posts and i look all over forums alot

And i love chacs avy+sig my fav on comunity so funny/cute
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