you do know the video is out-dated. Pluto is not a planet anymore. It is a dwarf planet. Just pointing out
Yeah, and VV Cephei isn't actually the biggest known star anymore.

It's VY Canis Majoris, afaik.

All the more impressive.
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but wait...havent we explored quite a few galaxies besides ours? pretty much all the way tot he void-y planets?
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Really would hate to be within the general vicinity of those stars when they blow... heck I'd hate to be a freaking galaxy away from them, that'd probably still get me there.
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Man. Astronomy is one of my primary interests at the moment. Also for those who are like "scientists suxorz pluto is a planet" etc. It's because they found another "dwarf planet" that's bigger than pluto, actually I think they found 3 or more. So we would have to add 3 more planets to out solar system. Easier to throw one out I guess. Also, that last star, even if it isn't the biggest, is huge, like we couldn't even describe it. When that thing explodes, its gonna be a good show in the sky.
xD I used to have this huge pic I got off an hr board somewhere that was similar to this video. I love this kind of thing, it typically reminds me just how little we probably really know about the universe, and I like that.
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After watching this, I now know nothing is impossible.

I love to find out new things about the universe. Always loved astronomy.
It makes me wonder..