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Game Recording Software
So i've been looking for something to use to record video games like Crysis, Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Assassin's Creed on my computer. i've tried fraps, and xfire, and niether of them seemed to work. so i'm asking you to come up with some solutions for my problem

It would be best if it were a free program, and i could launch games through Steam.

It needs to work for Windows Vista, and be compatible with these games:

Crysis, Crysis Wars, and Warhead
Assassin's Creed
Mass Effect
Halo 2

and hopefully, Toribash.

Post your solutions along with download links and/or reviews.
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I've seen CamStudio work wonders on a computer with a solid medium-to-high-end processor. It's quick and simple. Just make sure you don't push your computer too much, or you'll have a 90mb video at 5 frames per second.
Try Full Fraps. I would tell you a secret to get the full thing but I might get banned for discussing swashbuckling and warehouses.

*Hint* Try google.
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Nothing works better than fraps. Registered version of course
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