Eh, I just looked up above, not exactly at the picture to see it go counter-clockwise.
It makes me wonder..
Yeah, it's easier to see her go the other way if you use your peripheral vision. That was just my attempt at an explanation on how she can flip like that.
shit !! I saw her spinning in both ways ! Thats so cool ^^

good picture ^^
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Haha, yeah. This is quite funny. The lady is leaning a little to the left so people that use their "logic" side of the brain realize that spinning like that can't be possible and they see the shadow spinning counter clockwise.

But since I'm more of a great thinker, that uses his imagination, fantasy and feelings... I see it spin clockwise. Impossible for me to see it spin the other way 'round.
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think about it this way.

If you believe that the foot touching the ground is the left foot, then she'll spin clockwise

If it is her right foot, then she'll be spinning counterclockwise

So the direction of her spin is... get this .. your personal preference. Even if you don't intend it to be =D
I can see it both ways round, awesome optical illusion
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