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We had an argument about how a certain situation was handled and apparently I was wrong about it and I was kicked. They didn't really explain to me I just got on to Toribash to see that my clan tag wasn't there.

Edit: I could go into more detail if you want just ping me on discord.

Bird App

Denied for providing false information regarding a conflict within his prior clan.
i want to join this clan :)
Hello my name is Karl Borg I am from Malta I love to play soccer i am a student I am 16 years old I play toribash nearly everyday and i am often active i wanna join this clan so i can be a part of a group in toribash were i can train and fight other clans other games that i like are overwatch and csgo and i will happily be waiting for a response to my application thankyou and enjoy your day
Hello, my name is Stephano, i joined toribash in 2016, I was inspired of that game because of a french video who talk about this game! I'm 9 years old and I'm in a city who is in French called Miramas, I like playing videos game every day! There are 2 hobbies who is actually my favorite and it's basketball and football, mostly of me is the basketball, i trained so hard when i was younger!

I live in the South of French also known in Arab, I have a little son and a autistic son, I'm poor, I like playing with my little son sometimes! I'll be soon 5th year of primary school and have 10 years old! My birthday is in ONE DAY!!! and i'll get a PS3.

My favs mods in toribash are aikido, spar, aikidobigdojo(ABD).
I mostly train moves of sparring! I like creating my own ideas server!
I like joining bets server!
I play mostly game called: Toribash, Roblox and geometry dash
I have too many games on my computer so not gonna tell them all...
I have 28 win ratio because i did play toribash when i was younger and i did lose too many time ;-;
Why Origin?:
I choose origin because i join some popular server and i see that clan, when i come back see some players with Origin clan, they was nice, and it look fun! Not like the Power clan, it's alone but Boring!

GMT (UTC): +1
Discord: Golden Cat Cat#1288
Purple Monkeys run wild in the red forest.
So hope i'll be in the clan
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Stephanoi app

Instant deny, already in another clan. Great app though.
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Hello! My real name is Muhanad. I am a 13 year old living in Norway with GMT+2.
I chose Origin because its a great clan trying to be revived.
i am normal in aikido but abd i think i have to learn something there.
i started toribash in 2011-2012 (i think). and my activity is 7-10.
this is a great clan and i hope i get accepted.

Purple Monkeys run wild in the red forest

Xtermix2 app

Try adding more, tell us more about yourself, read the first page and make sure to include everything we're looking for!
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Stephanoi app

Instant deny, already in another clan. Great app though.

Rxlic, thanks for telling me it, i forgot to do it, can i be now in the clan?!
Hi my name is Karl Borg an I am writing this application so I can join Origin .I am a 16 year old boy (i was born in 21st September 2001)who live in Birkirkara in a small island called Malta . The timezone of malta is (GMT+2) I am Fluent in English and Maltese and i speak Italian but i am still not fluent in it . My hobbies are playing soccer and baseball I love sports and i Love playing games . This is my favorite game and I play it everyday and play other game like cs-go or overwatch . I want to join Origin cause I think that i am ready to fight in clan wars and i really want to be in a group that can really effect me in a good way and help me train and improve in toribash. In toribash i love to spare but i also have to admit that i am not the best at sparing , when i saw the recrutment i decided to join and saw how nice the people were in the clan and at that moment i was sure that i wanted to join . I have been in previous clans but i was not treated nicely or they were inactive clans which is not really my thing and looking at this clan it is very active so i want to be deticated and loyal to my clan . Thankyou and good day