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(July) July Recruitment Center

Write a free from application below, make sure to include what you think is important for us to know.

username: J897IU7/Joshua2731
way of contact: discord/Ingame or pms on the forums
discord: Joshua2731#7596
Reason I would like to join: To help the clan out during clan wars
Skills: Im good at clan wars and helping people
Things I do in my spare time on toribash: Helping beginners learn about the joints and how to play and use them to their advantage and I also spar and parkour in my spare time
Application for (July)
IRL Name
19 years old
Most-played mods
Aikidobigdojo.tbm and a bit of lenshu3ng.tbm/ boxshu_mushu_v5.tbm
Past clans
[Nitro], [WAPOW], (OK), (OC), [AS], [eVo]...
Why would I join this clan
Because I like Diamond and Fire, they are good and joining this clan will help me to improve my skills
Playing video-games, hanging out with some friends and biking

Here is my application, thanks for reading it.
Hope it is enough, you can pm me for further information (replays or what) on discord: Nat.So#2490.