Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Sticky blood
That the blood would stick to the Tori's as well as the floor, to make the game seem more realistic. (Even though it would make the game much more gory)
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There is a 3D hair because who wants a flat Mohawk?
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There is a 3D hair because who wants a flat Mohawk?

Literally everyone before hair became a thing, to answer your question.
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I would love to make an upper cut and have blood on my face. Also I have a decent pc. The game isn't supposed to be realistic, we all know this. Yet blood sticking would be cool. ~Supported
Realistic blood
Blood could come in contact with a person, and smear down their body, you know, just like in the wiiware version.
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That can ruin joint textures, and Smear all over your body to where you can't even see your tori. That's why Toribash Wii has less blood.

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This seems like a good idea and also omegadark it could be where its like a little clear blood so you can see the joints
Then there should be the option to not have blood smeared on a specific tori,this would make it more realistic,but I don't see that many blood coming out.
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This has been suggested a many times, and most times it has been shot down almost instantly. This will also require strong comps to run
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