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Toribash 5.2
12/03/2018 UPD:
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Toribash 5.21 is here!


  • Old one was old and bad and didn't have a Torishop button so it's now new and (supposedly) better looking.

  • Thirteen years of Toribash development lead to this moment - a day when we fixed the UV mapping of Tori's arms, fists and feet. No more seams, no more weird gradient orientation. All hail Dranix.

Toribash 5.21 is available on Steam for Windows, macOS and Linux.


11/01/2018 UPD:
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We have pushed a minor update for Toribash on Steam, here's what's been added:

  • Beginner Clans
    You could have noticed two new official clans called Blue and Red but never seen or heard of them before. Power abuse?? Sorry Ele, you're alright!

    These are Beginner Clans that will be managed by Help Squad and their purpose is to make it easier for new Toribash players to find opponents, learn new stuff about the game and forums and so on. Old players, remember [Bleu]? Well, it's our attempt at doing it.

    Ingame UI is only available for players below Black Belt (you also need to be clanless and have at least 1 Qi), same restrictions apply to joining these clans. If you're Black Belt+ but would like to help our staff manage these clans, feel free to send an application to any Help Squad member.

  • Updated Daily Login Rewards
    It should be less buggy now and it also shows time to next reward! Very nice.

Update will arrive automatically (buildID 2430153).
There is also an early version of Discord Rich Presence implementation, but we'll keep working on it for 5.21 release.


Hi, Toribash 5.2 is finally here!

What's new:

  • Daily Login Rewards (Steam only)

    Logging in Toribash every day now gives you free TC!
    Play Toribash every day for a week and earn 2100 TC and a Shiai Token that you can spend on neat and fancy items!

    Note: you can only claim your reward for one account every day.

  • Updated player queue dropdown menu

    Old one got cluttered with unnecessary commands, now the menu would only display commands that you can execute. It definitely looks cleaner now with less than 10 commands by default, doesn't it?

  • Clans

    As you may have noticed in the screenshot above, you're now able to view players' clan info. Let's take a look at the ingame clan UI:

    This is a clan page. Clan rank, its level and XP, logo and top achievement - all the essential info can now be accessible right from the game client. For clans that are free for all you'll even see a "Join clan" button that would instantly add you to that clan!

    Clan Roster. A way to quickly view all clan members and leaders and easily contact them - clicking on any user's name would bring you to their profile on forum.

    Clan list. In case you're looking for a clan to join or just feeling like checking some other clan, navigate to clan list by pressing the "Back" button on top left when viewing any clan. Clan list also provides quick access to your own clan - just press the button on bottom to view it.

  • Christmas time!

    We've added some fancy christmas mods in all belt-restricted rooms!
    (you can obviously play them in earlier versions of Toribash but they won't look as pretty)

  • + Some bugfixes and other minor stuff

Steam users will receive the update automatically (buildID 2372162).
If you still don't use the Steam version, get it here:


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The market is stagnent due to the high amount of items being generated by people doing usd transactions via the shop which ends up flooding the market. Items are overstocked which makes them undervalued.

The update is great, maybe the daily tc rewards will help get the market moving again

Also great work on the clan UI
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[Evil] is recruiting!

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But it benefits the player base as a whole. It serves as encouragement and reward for players' effort, especially new players. Making items easier to get, is something I believe the game needs. I stand behind them on this one.
Nice! I'm glad daily rewards have been added... now I have a great way of making TC without any skills. I now know I will one day be able to buy the stuff I want.

I'm alright with getting the Steam version of 'Bash for the daily rewards, but will daily rewards ever come to the standalone version?
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Nice to have added the Daily rewards, saddly not added before ( i must be rich atm lol)
Really nice work guys
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I'm having this issue where I crash whenever I try to join any server on multiplayer. I'm on macOS Sierra steam client.
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