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Help Squad Recruitment Drive

Help Squad Recruitment

It's that time again! Help Squad is looking to bring in some new faces.

What do Help Squad members do?
As the name suggests, Help Squad is a team of forum assistants that are heavily involved with monitoring the "Help" forum and #support channel within the Toribash Discord, draft/improve our FAQ, and server-sit beginner servers. New user retention is our main focus. We manage Red/Blue beginner clans, where events and activities are run to create an environment that eases new players into the game.

What does it take to become a Help Squad member?
We're looking for active members that have interest in assisting new players and work to solve user-generated issues in Technical Support here on the forums, and #support on Discord. You are most likely going to be some of the first faces of staff that players will see. A good attitude and time to carry out your tasks are mandatory.

How do I apply?
Send all applications to TyZi, Wizard, or any Help Squad member. DO NOT POST YOUR APPLICATIONS IN THIS THREAD.

After you have sent in your application and the recruitment drive is announced closed, keep in mind that it may be a fair amount of time before all applications we have selected are accepted. Applications that have been accepted will receive a PM stating so and will receive instructions on what to do from that point forward as a member.

The drive will end three weeks after the creation of this thread. Good luck!

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I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

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Be like me being very patient hoping I get too help people in game and forum use my activity for using in HS
If I don't get accepted wait for another month try make better application

Now that's just trying too hard.
Congratulations to Sucy, Surge, Hikou, and Levy!
Your new Help Squad members.

Thank you to everyone who sent in an application, I appreciate everyone's interest in working with HS. If you haven't been accepted this time, please don't be discouraged. We are always accepting new applicants.
Please send any further questions in a PM to me or any other HS member.
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I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up