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Collecting new default replays
Hello, we're collecting replays to be used as new defaults for Toribash.

Some requirements:

  • Try to keep replays new.
    Doesn't necessarily mean we're looking for replays you have just made this week or today, but please refrain from posting 3-year-old replays.

  • Don't steal other users' replays.
    We may not know it now, but in the end it will be discovered that you didn't actually make the replay anyway - and you will face the punishment.

  • Be creative.
    We'll sure be looking for some "classic" replays, but don't just send 5 similar madmans.

  • Any forms of replay hacking are allowed.

  • Submit your replays as post attachments.
    If your replay uses a custom mod, please attach it aswell.

Deadline is May 30th, 2018.
We're looking for about 20 replays, but the number may change both ways depending on what we manage to collect. You can still keep sending new replays after that but we won't have time to include them in the upcoming release so they'll have to wait until next one.
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Imma post more stuff soon
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Why be a king,
When you coud be a God

Originally Posted by Mack View Post
I changed my mind, I can not support this idea at all. The stock folder is for iconic replays made by respected people in the community, or things crazy beyond belief. You're destroying it's value with this shit.

Originally Posted by Xioi View Post
Everyone that posts here already doesn't deserve to have a replay in stock in my eyes.

Stock is supposed to be made up out of replays found literaly beyond crazy, not a submission.

Originally Posted by Swepples View Post
Please do not remove all the really cool and iconic replays please. Some stuff should be made eternal.

Originally Posted by Tsuion View Post
im p confident i know what replays youre talking about and that exact year was already discussed with including long-time ormo people a while ago nvm im thinking about 2013. perhaps you could give examples?

i dont think you have anythig to worry about there

if you have any doubts on what gets into the stock folder, the discussion im referencing is here http://forum.toribash.com/showthread.php?t=421971

if youre wondering who judges what gets into stock, its p much 1/2 ormo higherups and 1/2 other higherups

I agree with these dudes, none of these replays are worthy of being in the stocks. The only replays that were worthy of being in the default stocks were the Jisse's replays i posted a while ago, this ruins the feel and pride on being in the stocks, alot of toribashers, replaymakers before this has worked hard to make us re-imagine what Toribash replaymaking, why would you ruin that hard work by just letting a mediocre replay get into the stocks. This is such a dissapointment to the whole replaymaking community. So please judge wisely.
I don't see what's with all the complaints. As long as the normal default ones stay, everything should be fine, right? Right.
<TitanFlux>I cannot keep my hands on at ALL lmao
<Somedrunk>Sounds like you need a more hands on aproch
This is not how stock replays should be chosen. Already explained it shits on the goal of getting put into the default replays, which drove many to improve.
Originally Posted by Kaneki333 View Post
I'm Brazilian, i'm alredy fucked every day i wake up

you get a variety of shit i found real quick
some may be on alts
and more
u better have someone watch all of them or ill be pissed
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class m - it rains im poor.rpl (142.0 KB, 1 views)
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This is by far one of the most idiotic things I've seen in 7 years of Toribash

Who the hell came up with this idea and what's the reasoning behind it?
Defaults are supposed to be the best of the best to inspire new players to keep playing and getting better.
They should be exclusive for those few replays who go above and beyond and chosen by those who can recognize when a replay possesses these qualities, not self-submitted in bulk like some kind of bootleg crockpot

Who ever passed this through should have their administrative rights stripped, it almost feels as if this is a deliberate step towards killing an already small game

Hope this is some kind of late april fools joke
Absolutely appalling