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Toribash 3.5 - codename fnugget

As you probably have noticed, when Toribash start it can take up to an hour for all textures and stuff to update. Our texture server was downloading a couple of million textures per day. With this in mind I have rewritten how textures are handled. In 3.5 textures are downloaded as needed, so when you login to a server you will see the textures loading on the player.

New features:
- just in time downloading of player textures
- ingame /inventory
- ingame /senditem
- /download playername (to update all items and texture for player)
- new anti farming preventions
- new ranking system
- ingame display of your Toricredits balance

Bug fixes:
- floor textures are back
- /search player
- /list - shows room name instead of #
- bug when connecting to torilobby
help please
please help.
i can't play online whit 3.5

socket wsa error 10061

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Awesome. I noticed something recently, a post from last year, with more than two players, just wondering when this will be implemented, seeing as the client already handles where the names go. Or if it is already, Just that i don't know how to do it..
Ok I really hate this (not the update, the update is great!) but I've had this problem randomly with Toribash. Whenever I open up the game and like, minimize it to check out the forums or somethin I go back and sometimes the screen freezes but the sound from the game keeps going. And other times it just looks like a TV on an un-tunned channel only the little fuzzy things aren't moving :P
i think it would help us all if you could please post your operating system and graphics card
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my dq texture not working in 3.5
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