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Toribash 3.5 - codename fnugget

As you probably have noticed, when Toribash start it can take up to an hour for all textures and stuff to update. Our texture server was downloading a couple of million textures per day. With this in mind I have rewritten how textures are handled. In 3.5 textures are downloaded as needed, so when you login to a server you will see the textures loading on the player.

New features:
- just in time downloading of player textures
- ingame /inventory
- ingame /senditem
- /download playername (to update all items and texture for player)
- new anti farming preventions
- new ranking system
- ingame display of your Toricredits balance

Bug fixes:
- floor textures are back
- /search player
- /list - shows room name instead of #
- bug when connecting to torilobby
Nice update.maby for the next update buddie list would be good,but anyway good update

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how to download this new ver, if its not released yet, when hampa release it

those are awesome updates =D lol, what would i ever do without toribash
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By the way... You'll need the new client to access October Promos
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