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[IMPORTANT] Clan Activity Check Rework
Sup you all,

the clan squad has been up to something again and has updated the way activity checks work. Read more about it here:

To quoth the duck: quack

What does this mean for us:
  • We need to remove inactive members from our Toriclan to get our chances higher to pass the check (50% ingame active for full points, 33% (i heard) to pass)
  • We need to encourage posting. Maybe one or two of us can start threads where they post regularly and motivate the others to participate. I know most of you rarely post because you feel you have nothing to add, this would be a way to help with that
  • Ideally we could start warring (not in any serious fashion, just for fun and to show we still care to keep our board)
  • New members: More on that below

I think we need to consider recruiting back former aeon members that are active like nicejesus/tempest. I personally don't think recruiting newbies is a good idea, as their activity is often fickle and they probably aren't interested in a clan such as ours anyway.

If we fail:
I'm going to be direct here and say it:
We may not see our clan become 10 years old at this rate.
That's why, as a motivation, I was thinking of preparing the grandest yet event Aeon has ever seen for our tenth birthday. It would be something we could work towards and a reason to try and keep our clan alive.
I will consult with the führer and the other leading members about what to do for the event.
However, should we pull an Operation Barbarossa and fail horribly, turning our board into the next Stalingrad (because we'll lose it), then we could still have this ten year event. It would be a fitting end (to the toribash side) of Aeon.

Our clan may have started in this community, but it definitely won't die with this community. That much is certain.

For those of you still somehow attached to this game, at least there is a saving grace: If our clan dies, it will not be deleted, just become unofficial again. So we'll keep our toriclan and can get our board back at any time.

So, in the spirit of Aeon, let's embrace #MAGA and
Make Aeon Great Again

Give me your brain sauce (thoughts)
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