Jesus actually Fuck ale. I'm here for you. Whatever that means. I wish I knew more about politics, and I intend to.. But right now I don't even know what the fuck is going on. Much love.
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also, it's effing glOw.

ive been checking on this board every now and again 2 see little updates about ur
situation and it's awful to see that it has just been getting worse

i can't really imagine what you're going thru rn, but we all hope you make it out of this okay, stay safe my dude

Wow, what a read. I knew that things in Venezuela weren't good based on what I read from news outlets and from your personal stories, but I was at least comforted that you were in a position of power/wealth that allowed you to avoid the danger that the majority of citizens faced. Now I know that isn't the case anymore, I pray for you. I'm sorry to hear about what you and your countrymen are enduring, and I hope that the revolution ends in favor of the people.

Stay strong, take care of your family and friends, and never give up hope. You will always be in my heart, ale!
Here I am thinking Sweden is a political shithole. I can't even imagine going through that kind of stuff. I hope you're okay and that you stay okay for this whole situation. I don't really know you but nobody deserves to live through that shit. Best of luck to you man.
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guys thank u so much for all the kind words and wishes, it really means a lot.

omfg sweden lmao

as to update on how things are going, my city is kind of back to normal, there's running water and electricity is constant now, been so for 2 days, though got trust issues as you can never really believe services are actually going to work, so don't know when it will go down again, still, some food did rot, some days were of real hardship, but now it feels the way it's felt for years, kind of bleak, but livable, for me at least, many people aren't in the same lucky situation.

However, some parts of the country are way worse now, maracaibo has had no electricity or water for over a week, some power did come back, and a few minutes later the power transformers fckin exploded so they're back to darkness, it's a constant pressure as I have close family there and they're hungry and rn we're arranging some way for them to come over, heck, my grandma's there. Over 550 businesses were looted... in 24 hours. Don't know who's counting but I'm pretty sure we got a record vro.

Water is the main concern, this is Mad Max stuff, in Caracas people are taking desperate measures to get any sort of water supply, to the point where they're actually taking some off the Guaire River, it crosses Caracas, and it's used for sewage and the disposal of other kinds of undesirable trash, also an extra morgue for when the actual morgue is full, which happens a lot. Even the military are drinking and bathing in this river, as there's still no running water over there, gross shit that leads to infection.

U.S. Ambassadors and any Americans still living in the country were prompted to leave under direct orders from Pompeo, after Maduro directly threatened civilians with the use of irregular armed forced, though by this point this is just customary bureaucratic stuff, so nothing really shocking for us.

Things are tame and warm right now, though, we're honestly just waiting, as these last few days have built up for a foreign military intervention, Article 187, clause 11, I think I mentioned that already. Can't wait for it to happen and can't wait for those cunts to be killed lmao*t riggerhappy**bloodymes s*

Though before anyone says "why don't the people take up arms and fight!?" there's heavy gun control here in Venezuela unless you're part of the irregular armed forces that I mentioned earlier, which are pretty much mercenaries, so people that aren't under a government payroll get no access to weapons, plus protests and demonstrations work under a government that listens to their people, here we have a dictatorship that's unwilling to let go and every action we take falls on deaf ears.

Also for a meme, they're saying that Americans were sabotaging the electricity with flying machines that zapped invisible lasers to the towers and then the power went down, they're saying that after they originally said it was a cyberattack and even imprisoned some vzlan instagram influencer and tried to convince everyone that he was the one behind the attacks, pretty surreal shit; it feels like satire tbh.
Hello, thank you for this thread. It is probably the best thread in the entire toribash forums.
I will bookmark it and read all of your long posts later.

You could easily make a blog about this or something
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