ur situation is fucked noone deserves 2 have 2 live through that my dude
i hope everything goes as smooth as it can and u and ur family can get 2 florida safely

at least when you get here you'll have a really cool backstory
I know this basically pales in comparison, but 2 years ago I was on a road trip from Oregon to North Dakota (3 days by car) and I had brought my anxiety medication. Which happens to be the evil devil's lettuce weed marijuana cannabis drug. Well, through Montana the speed limit is 90 MPH and I drove like that for 6 hours. Got into a town in ND and the speed limit was 70. Didn't notice at all. The roads are equally wide and straight. Anyway, the cop searched me (i could have stood in his way, but we know how cops are.. they want you to feel like you never know your rights)

Anyway, I was thrown in jail for 28 days. Stuck in the same non-air-conditioned cell 24 hours a day and night with a child molester as my cellmate. To backtrack, my final destination was a Catholic commune that my grandma lived in. That commune bailed me out and paid my court fines ($1200 ish) in return for me working for them for like 2 months or so. I spent so long in such a weird space that it forever changed me.

And, I say all of this because at the time, I hated the situation so fucking much.. But retrospectively, I'm glad it happened.

Again, what you are going through is more severe, but I can only hope that retrospectively, it would be something to look back on. A great backstory as abby said...
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also, it's effing glOw.
glOw that's fucking awful and I can't agree more with you, it's basically a mantra to me that these things do make us stronger.

Also, really, thank you all so much.

Btw yea how does prison feel like tho I'd like to know, tbh in here it's pretty surreal, as prisons are usually better off than normal places, very brief rundown on the matter, in Vz since about 10 or so years ago prisons are controlled by "Pranes" pronounced 'prahnis' and they're basically the presidents of the prison, there is a pretty good but now dated minidoc called Margarita Prison Paradise I think, that covers a bit of the situation, although things have gotten worse over the years.

Basically, prisons have running water, electricity, and gas, food, even pools usually, and people get out and get in like it were nothing, many events are hosted there for the pranes, the usual crooks, and even paying consumers as the artists they call for are really top tier, I'm talking 80k$ between idk, 2 or 3 big name artists, and I'm not talking about the Johnny Cash-esque prison vibe, more like a hedonistic and Sodom and Gomorrah kind of debauchery. Fucked up, never been there, thankfully, but I have friends that have gone to parties and stuff over there, of course, after enough drinks, shootouts and stabbings occur, but this is all vetted by the Pran, whose job is to keep peace between the prisoners, the visitors, and the guards, and take care of any mafia they're dealing with, be it the mining and smuggling of gold in Bolívar, the illegal reselling of oil in Zulia, the smuggling of fish over to Trinidad in Macanao, or just good old drug trafficking, and yeah there are guards and police inside too lol they're usually under the Pran's control and on their payroll.

I'm not too versed in this matter, though I've witnessed a lot of crude images and tales about this dantesque system.

I've actually been really close to the Margarita one, where famous pran "El Conejo" ruled, before being killed in a nightclub while he was dating one of the it girls from a local TV show lol damn this seems like I'm talking about africa or smth ok this is epic

anyways here are some vids on it


Btw hooray my house is lucky asf lately there's been a bunch of nationwide blackouts but my house is damn blessed and we're only missing water rn but *trigger happy* I can listen to my Chet Baker and make my designs so *middlef inger* thank god I have power
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you should of had left last year tbh

vro I've been wanting to get tf out since I graduated high school back in 2016
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love u ale i hope things can get better for long enough for u to get tf out of there, with that being said and holding high hopes, things change and you get an opportunity to leave, where you wanna go?
fuck forgot i was on an alt- love natejas
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Congratulations krysta1fox you're an idiot :D
love u ale pt 2, stay strong
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it was jail which in the USA is arguably worse than prison for long term (like more than a week or two) but yeah i was in the same cell, 24 hours a day.. we had these bodybag like things that they stuffed a folded blanket into and that was the padding for your bed.. but the cells were so hot that i slept on the floor on the bodybag bed. it didn't matter what i slept on, it was all hard under the bed thing.. it wasn't too terrible.. but still shitty.. all we had for any kind of time passing was shit books and then the tv.. but the place we had to sit to see it was just on the floor so we folded up all of our "linens" and bag and everything and stacked it to make a seat and leaned against the wall during the day.. my cell mate was an accused child molester... "he didn't do it"... nothing weird happened. he appeared to be a good Christian man who had a bit of brain issues and drug issues. had a lazy eye and was chunky and odd.. he really liked to watch nascar and i didn't bother contest his TV choices. we watched something entertaining occasionally though.
i attached image. we couldn't go out to the hallway like i said.. 24 hours in there. food at 5:30 am 12 noon and like 5:30 pm. lights come automatically on at 5:15 and go automatically off at like 11 or something...
i won't say it was fun but i mean it was impermanent and yeah i mean it's not anything im trying to call to attention over what you have going on at all lol
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also, it's effing glOw.