GUAIDÓ is chilling with recently freed LEOPOLDO LÓPEZ

MANY AMERICAN POLITICIANS have been fucking cool and they're saying hey!!!

like, things are cool and basically the armed forces are now controlled by guaidó and not the gov. Great news!!!
No but the people can't start an uprising because there is heavy gun control in here. We're waitin for an invasion, I'm travelling rn so I'm ok p chill we will leave and stuff will be gr8
Tanan imy how can i talk to u
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i wanted this thread to last like 2 weeks before the happy ending but at this rate of negotiation the opposition got going on with the government seems like the happy ending will just be the eventual escape from this piece of shit country lol

Guaidó is a sellout, they discussed some shit in Norway, I'm overeating out of anxiety (what a twist for a venezuelan) and I send all of you my regards.

What will happen now is that the US will come whenever they please and they'll liberate us